What Are the Types of Dates Fruit and Where Can You Find Them?

Malaysia is a popular tourist destination for the whole world. It has some of the most exotic fruits as well as tropical waters and has a lot of unique things to offer. The exotic fruits that are found here include the Date, the Melon, the Grapes and the Pomegranate which are not only delicious but are also very nutritious and have many health benefits.

The Date is a sweet juicy fruit found in Asia and Africa. This fruit has a very sweet taste and is commonly eaten in Asia like in Malaysia and Indonesia and the Melon is a fruit also found in Indonesia and Africa. The Pomegranate is a very sweet and tart fruit and is usually seen in South East Asia and Australia. The dates fruit in Malaysia have many uses in cooking and can be used to make cakes, breads and pastries.

The Grapes is another sweet fruit, which is also known in Asia as the Date or Melon. This fruit has a very good flavour and is often mixed with sugar and cream in cooking and desserts. The Melon is a small grape like fruit found in Australia and is used in making fruit juices. It is a slightly bitter fruit but has a sweet flavour to it. This fruit is also mixed with sugar and cream in cooking and desserts.

The Grapes and the Melon are grown very naturally in Southeast Asia and the countries like Malaysia and Indonesia. Both of these fruits can be harvested at any time of the year and then can be shipped to other parts of the world. The date and melon fruit have their own special season and these are the dry and the semi-dry seasons. The dry season lasts from June to October and the semi-dry season lasts from December to March. During the dry season the fruit ripens in large quantities while during the semi-dry season the fruit is used for making juice. During this time you will find that they are also ripe for pickling which is a process where the fruits are dipped in vinegar and salt.

There are different types of dates and each type of data has its own unique taste, aroma and colour depending on the soil that they are grown under and how they are processed. The different types of dates are found as seedlings or as fruits, or as berries.

Malaysia is a very popular destination for dates fruit especially in Asia and Australia. This fruit is very tasty and people from all over the world come here to experience the rich flavour of these fruits.