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Can eating dates in pregnancy be harmful?

As with anything else, the results of taking dates vary from person to person, we recommend that you discuss any major changes or concerns with your doctor. If you want to increase the amount of dates you eat during pregnancy, you need to keep two points in mind so that you can benefit from the benefits of dates without any problems.


High sugar content: consider portions and sizes for yourself and do not exceed your portion. Foods such as dates that are high in sugar and natural sugar can cause weight gain and the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Excessive fiber: Excessive consumption of fiber will cause diarrhea, heartache and other problems related to the digestive system. To maintain moderation, it is better to drink enough water and observe moderation in the consumption of dates and other foods.



5 healthy and delicious foods to eat dates during pregnancy

Cooking is definitely one of the most enjoyable activities for mothers during pregnancy, although many people prefer to eat raw and dried dates as a snack, which are very tasty. But here are some simple dishes prepared using this superfood:


1- Molded dessert of dates and pumpkins


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This dish is a delicious and delicious snack for autumn. Making this nutritious dessert is even more exciting than eating it. If canned pumpkin puree is available in your area, you can make this dessert all year round. To eat dates during pregnancy, prepare them in the following way.


2- Date and hemp granola


This granola has a great taste with yogurt or as a breakfast food with cereals or plant-based milks and is suitable as a superfood for all family members and can be used as a daily snack.


3- Tomato lentil soup with dates


During pregnancy, soup is the favorite food of many mothers, especially on cold winter nights, by this means, enough vegetables can also be included in the diet plan. This soup also contains spices and is suitable for the warmth of winter nights.


4- Dates stuffed with blueberries


There are many recipes for making stuffed dates, but the most delicious are vanilla and blueberry. Maybe you also like this wonderful dessert.


5- Macaroon (round pastry) without sugar


Since dates have natural sugar, you can use them to make great desserts. With the presence of dates, it is no longer necessary to use more sugar than the body needs in foods and desserts. These gluten-free vegetarian sweets are the best option for those who love sweets and want to stay healthy.


Other foods that help give birth easier


Maybe you have tried the foods prepared with dates, but you didn’t like them much, nature has provided you with many options for a healthy and useful diet that you can include in the household food basket, these foods are even processed. Facilitate childbirth:


Coconut oil: Daily consumption of a few tablespoons of coconut oil protects you from disease and kills bacteria and germs.

Almonds: Almonds are very delicious next to dates. Peanuts also contain magnesium, calcium, iron and vitamin E and can be consumed raw or as peanut butter.

Orange juice: Folate, potassium, calcium and a lot of vitamins are found in orange juice, so it is in your best interest if orange juice is part of your breakfast table.

Beans: This fiber-rich superfood is very beneficial for health. Beans are a good option for pregnant women due to their versatility, because you can easily prepare delicious dishes with them that are pleasing to all family members.

With all these interpretations and the presence of vitamins and nutrients in dates, it is better to include it in your diet, this food item will change the birthing process in the best way. To eat dates during pregnancy, you can take dates to the kitchen raw, dry or as a delicious seasoning in cooking and enjoy its benefits.