Desserts From Malaysia – Dried From The Tree


Dates fruit in Malaysia is usually considered a dessert fruit, which isn’t as widely-known as the fruits that it is often associated with. However, they are actually a very hardy exotic plant, which can typically be cultivated in any tropical climate. The fruit itself is an incredibly resilient plant, but will normally be damaged if picked often. The flesh of the fruit itself has a very sweet flavor, which is one of its biggest attractions in the world. The seeds are also very juicy and can easily be added to a variety of desserts or cooked into food for a sweet taste. Malaysia tends to have a fairly large range of edible dates available, from the more common dried out variety to the slightly more prized silken variety.

Drying the fruit, however, is a very different process from using traditional methods to dry out other fruits. In Malaysia, the fruit is typically cooked with extra virgin oil, dates and sugar. Many people who are used to eating the fruit in its more natural state will find this process to be a strange change, but it is one that works well in Malaysia: there is no sweetness added to the fruit by drying it, allowing it to maintain more of its natural flavor. It is also rare that people will find the fruit with a skin – in many cases, the skin will just be removed during the drying process.

Desserts such as these are some of the most popular foods throughout the world, and the country of Malaysia is no exception. Many different local dishes are created from the fruit, and even ordinary meals served at local restaurants are based entirely on these fruits – from salads to curries and even ice-cream. The sheer versatility of the dates fruit Malaysia is one of the main reasons it’s so popular throughout the world.

Because there is such a wide variety of places you can get these dates, you’re likely to come across some variation of the traditional favorite: the Date Palm Cake. This dish is named after the palm tree that the dates grow on, which is why this dessert is often made with or containing the seeds of this specific date fruit. The rice cakes are often covered in a mixture of condensed milk and water, to give it a light consistency. Whatever type of recipe you like, just know that it is possible to replicate the Malaysian sensation anytime you want, right in the comfort of your own home.

Desserts such as these are not the only thing you can find on Malaysian restaurants. For starters, there are a number of fruits that are eaten in large quantities in Malaysia – these are used in cooking for various different occasions. From Christmas trees to banana shakes, these fruits are used widely throughout the country as well as introduced to the American market by regional restaurants and catering companies alike. These fruits make for scrumptious snacks and are always a good bet when you’re looking for something different from your usual chips and dips or tarts and pastries.

The best way to enjoy your Malaysia trips is to try a bit of everything. There are plenty of excellent restaurants in the country that serve authentic tropical fruit dishes, and no one is going to argue that you should try one of these at least once. However, if you would like a bit more of a change, there are many Malaysian grocers in every major city that offer a wide variety of dried fruits from all over the country. Whether you decide to stick to traditional favorites like chicken satay or choose something new, you are sure to be lucky enough to satisfy your date expectations!