One of the ways to lose weight and get fit is to use low-calorie and filling snacks throughout the day. If you use low-calorie foods for snacks, your daily calorie intake will decrease and you will gradually lose weight. By consuming a healthy and low-calorie snack, your hunger will be relieved and you will eat less food during the main meals.

Celery and carrot

If you like snacking, this snack is perfect for you. It is enough to peel the carrot and cut it into small squares. Then separate the celery leaves and cut its stem into a carrot shape. Now pour the mixture of celery and carrot into a container and put it in the refrigerator. Use this healthy and herbal combination whenever you want something to eat.


Some people’s concern about dates is more related to date sugar and date calories. However, dates also provide fiber, which can affect how sugar is absorbed from the digestive system. A diet high in fiber can help you lose weight. In fact, a 2008 study of more than 89,000 people found that total fiber intake was inversely related to weight gain and waist circumference change. Dates are considered a healthy food that provides various nutrients and a source of fiber.

Dates are recommended for weight loss. However, none of the fruits and vegetables should be the only source of your diet. Include a variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet for maximum health benefits. If you are looking to include Pembekal Kurma Seri kembangan in your weight loss diet, keep these points in mind:

Like all dried fruits, dates are best consumed in moderation. Dried dates have a small amount of water and more carbohydrates and fiber. If you consume too much in one day, it may cause stomach cramps or other unpleasant digestive problems.

Apples and brown sugar dessert

If you like a sweet snack, try apple dessert. Peel an apple and cut it into pieces. Put a little cinnamon and a tablespoon of brown sugar on the apple. Place on very low heat and cook until your dessert is ready.