Raw Snacks And Treats – Your Desired Alternative To Junk Things You Eat!

Antioxidant diet

For people who want to consume foods that contain antioxidants, it is better to follow a regular diet plan. This program includes:



Try to start the morning by eating cereal. Adding fresh juicy berries to cereal will be a hearty and delicious dish. You can eat oatmeal and raisins and a glass of fresh juice or yogurt mixed with fresh blueberries.



Red beans are a healthy addition to food, pasta and salad. Add chopped mixed vegetables along with a piece of fruit to complete the meal in the program. If you eat non-vegetarian food, you can also use chicken salad sandwich with mixed vegetables.



For dinner, you can roast chicken or beef with bell peppers, asparagus, and mushrooms, and add spinach to your sandwich instead of lettuce. Do not forget to eat fruit and you can mix fruit and yogurt and consume.


Some foods that are forbidden to eat include:


Fried food

Baked products

Processed foods without fat and sugar

Processed or high-fat meats


Artificial sweeteners

Trans fats

High fructose corn syrup


As mentioned, you understand how important the role of antioxidants is in the health of the body. Sources of antioxidants include vitamins, zinc and copper, etc., which the body needs to maintain health and reduce diseases, that is why consuming fruits and vegetables containing antioxidants is of particular importance. How to get these sources of antioxidants or how much of it is necessary for the body requires a food plan that mentions all these things.