Fruits and vegetables have a significant effect on skin health due to the presence of vitamins and minerals. But the main question of most people, especially women, from dermatologists has always been that eating which fruit will make the skin fresh, clear and soft? It should be said that fruits and vegetables, which are found in different types in each season, are natural anti-stains and anti-wrinkles. Fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots, lemons, red fruits, etc. have a great effect on rejuvenating and beautifying our skin.

tomato :

Tomatoes have many stain removal properties and like pineapples, they can be used to treat brown spots. In addition to eating tomatoes, you can also use them as a mask.


sour lemon:

Among the properties of lemon for the skin, it can be said that it is rich in vitamin C and has many antioxidants. The presence of this substance causes the melanins under the skin to decrease and as a result the skin becomes bright and transparent.



95% of cucumber is water, therefore it is a good softener and cooling for the skin and can remove toxins from the skin. Cucumber contains vitamin B6 and is considered a relaxing and anti-stress fruit.



Grapefruit is the best skin cleanser. This fruit is antiseptic, astringent and very tonic and helps renew skin cells, especially oily skin.