What is an antioxidant? What role do antioxidants play in the body? Are antioxidants absorbed by the body through food or do we need to take supplements? If antioxidants are also obtained through food, then what foods contain this substance? These are the questions that are going to be answered in the upcoming article.

Have you ever wondered what makes blueberries blue and pomegranates red? If you haven’t thought about it until now, it’s good to know that this beautiful red or purple color that you see in fruits and some vegetables is caused by anthocyanin pigments that are naturally present in them.


According to a study published in February 2016 in Current Opinion in Food Science, all fruits contain natural pigments. These pigments produce different colors of fruits. For example, beta-carotene gives carrots their orange color and chlorophyll gives vegetables such as kale and collard greens their green color. But this is not the only role of pigments. These pigments also act as antioxidants. Antioxidants are compounds that prevent the oxidation of molecules in the body. When molecules in the body are subjected to oxidative stress, they release another toxic side molecule called “free radicals” that can damage the body’s cells. This damage can lead to a person suffering from various incurable diseases such as cancer. To have a good source of antioxidants, you can rely on jual Kurma Mariami.


A study whose results were published in the Journal of Nutritional Sciences in December 2016 showed that antioxidants prevent a person from suffering from various cancers, heart diseases, and eye diseases such as macular degeneration due to the stabilization of cells and their protection against oxidative stress.

According to scientists, antioxidants can help prevent aging and prolong life by creating free radicals. However, more recent research has proven that the true root of aging is much more complex than the presence or absence of antioxidants.


Nutrients and sufficient content in dates are beneficial for hair follicles and hair growth and keep your hair healthy and strong.

Stronger hair:

Consuming just three dates a day can feed your hair with nutrients and keep your hair follicles and strands healthier and stronger.

Natural treatment for hair loss:

Due to the abundance of vitamin “B”, this juicy food is a wonderful treatment for hair loss. Dates also contain iron, which prevents hair loss. By consuming Kurma┬áMariami Shah Alam, the roots of your hair are nourished and the strands become elastic and strong. This ultimately leads to the prevention of hair loss.

For longer and thicker hair:

You can massage date oil on your scalp to have longer, stronger and thicker hair.


These great benefits of dates for skin and hair are so enticing that you can’t have an excuse not to eat them. Try it and feel the difference!