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Foods to eat in a low glycemic index diet

Diet with low glycemic index and its effects on health and weight loss – All kinds of nuts, protein and fruits and vegetables are suitable for a diet with low glycemic index.

To follow a diet with a low glycemic index, you do not need to control the amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates consumed; But you should replace foods with a low glycemic index with foods with a high glycemic index. There are a variety of nutritious and healthy foods to replace high glycemic index foods. These foods include:

Legumes: lentils, peas, red beans;

Cereals: quinoa, buckwheat, freekeh, semolina flour;

Rice and pasta: brown rice, pasta with semolina flour;

Bread: wholemeal, multigrain and rye breads, sourdough bread;

Vegetables: carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, zucchini;

Starchy vegetables: corn, sweet potato, pumpkin;

Fruits: apple, strawberry, apricot, peach, plum, pear, kiwi, tomato;

Dairy products and dairy substitutes: milk, cheese, yogurt, coconut milk, soy milk, almond milk.

The following foods contain little or no carbohydrates; Therefore, these foods do not have a glycemic index:


Nuts: almonds, cashews, pistachios, walnuts;

Oils and fats: olive oil, butter, avocado;

Other animal products: meat, chicken, eggs;

Fish and seafood: salmon, tuna, sardines, shrimp;

Spices and vegetables: garlic, basil, dill, salt, black pepper.

Foods that should not be consumed on a low glycemic index diet

No food is completely prohibited in a low glycemic index diet. However, it is better to minimize the consumption of the following foods in your diet:


Fruit: Watermelon;

Rice: white rice;

Pasta: corn pasta, instant noodles;

Breads: white bread, pastries, baguette bread;

Milk substitutes: rice milk and oat milk;

Cakes and sweets: donuts, cupcakes, cookies, waffles;

Snacks: chips, pretzels, corn chips, crackers;

Others: jelly candy, licorice, energy drink and sugar content.